On a trip to the village of  Zaprudnya Taldomskogo area in the firm "Videoservis"

Business I have are done not quickly, but done. In ' Videoservice ' I was going to go since November of the last year and in May, 2008 have carried out conceived. Objective was воссстановить a kinescope 23лк1б for ' Leningrad Т2 '. The nearest, and, probably the only thing the seat which has remained in Russia where it it is possible to make it was  Zaprudnensky kinescope plant on which capacities the firm ' Videoservice ' its site and operating conditions here is engaged in regeneration: http: // kineskopeos.narod.ru/mestovidelek.html.

Any costing business begins with road. The road in Zaprudnya is very picturesque, as goes along the channel it. Moscow on hilly district. If to go from Moscow on the car 100 kilometers are easy for passing in an hour but provided that you go to opening at 8.00. The Way back will borrow 2 - 2,5 hours.