THE CATHODE RAY TUBE — is a vacuum tube containing one or more electron guns, and a fluorescent screen used to view images. This type of device is largely used in television reception, radiolocation, control and measurement instruments and many other areas of radio-electronics. It is based on the electron beam creation with small cross section and sufficient length (sometimes dozens of centimeters) and the beam’s deflection with the help of electric or magnetic field. CRT consists of electron-optical system, deflecting system and fluorescent screen or target.

Our plant produces over 70 types of cathode ray tubes used in special purpose equipment.

There are several groups of cathode ray tubes produced according to their functional use:

1) Oscillographic tubes, used for observation and registration of electric processes that change quickly in time;

2) Display tubes, used for registration of electric signals in radiolocation and navigation devices;

3) Image tubes used to accelerate and deflect the electron beams onto the screen to create the images;

4) Projection tubes;

5) Other


Display tubes


Image tubes


Oscillographic tubes


Projection tubes