ООО "MELZ" is a manufacturing company. The production capacity of the plant allows to produce almost all mechanical operations for working with metal and other materials.

Our plant has a full production cycle which consists of:  premachining installation, stamping area, machining area, techno-chemical area, electro-optical systems assembly area for electron-beam tubes, flat tubes production area, Assembly area.

Different types of materials are used in the manufacture:

  • Metal: stainless steel,  08Х18Н10, 12Х18Н10, 29НК, 38НКД, 47НХР, oxygen-free copper (OFC);
  • Glass:С52-1, С93-1, С93-3;

All of the production areas mentioned above are located in the detached facility more than 3200 sq. m in area.

Premachining installation

At this production area the strip clipping is done by the circle shears; cut thicknessis 0,1 m to 2mm, width starts at 2,5 mm; there’s a flexible system of knife sets for strips of any thickness


Equipment used:
  • Circle shears;
  • Wire and copper strip rolls;
  • Grinders and glass polishing machines;
  • Glass-cutting machines.

Stamping area

Parts stamping for cathode-ray tubes, image-converter tubes, photomultipliers and other stampings is performed by highly skilled professionals with great precision.


Equipment used

  • Toggle presses with the following pulling force:
    1,5-6,3 — 12 items
    16 – 10 items;
    40– 3 items;
    63 – 1 items;
    20 (hydraulic press) – 1 item;
  • Express benders А-6111, А-6112 – 5 items;
  • Automatic molding machines Sz-215 – 1 item; Sz-230 – 4 items;

Machining area

High precision mechanical parts are produced at this production area.

Equipment used
  • Surface grinder
  • Milling machines
  • Lathe machines
  • CNC machines

Techno-chemical area

Chemical treatment of metals is performed at this area:

  • Degreasing
  • Pickling;
  • Metal coating (nickel coating, zinc coating, chemical oxidation, anodic oxidation);
  • Electropolishing, chemical polishing of stainless steel;

Electro-optical systems assembly area for electron-beam tubes.

Equipment used
  • Cutting tables (electric resistance welding)

Flat tubes production area

Our plant produces over 20 types of flat tubes for different kinds of vacuum tubes.

Equipment used
  • Semi-automatic machines 24-spindle – 3 items;
  • Personal stamping machine

Assembly area

Equipment used
  • Eight-position exhaust unit;
  • Personal units for different types of cathode-ray tubes;