Stamping — is the process of placing flat sheet metal in either blank or coil form into a stamping press where a tool and die surface forms the metal into a net shape.

LLC “MELZ” offers the services of both serial and limited production of metal stamped parts with specified technical properties. Our highly professional employees secure the great production quality in accordance with technical documentation and drawings. We have all the necessary production technologies and equipment for the production of metal stamped parts with the accuracy of 2 mkm.

Parts stamping is performed by the die stamping method in compliance with the requirements to the standards.

Die stamping is performed at press machines of different powers:

  • Toggle press with the following pulling forces:
  • 1,5-6,3 t.s — 12 штук;
  • 16 t.s. – 10 items;
  • 40 t.s. – 3 items;
  • 63 t.s. – 1 item;
  • 20 t.s.(hydraulic press) – 1 item;
  • Universal bending machines type А-6111, А-6112 – 5 items;
  • Pressing machines Sz-215 – 1 штука; Sz-230 – 4 items;

Die stamping allows to get clear surface with high precision parameters rather quickly.

This method has many advantages:

such as consistency of shape and size;
unique surface quality;
interchangeability of details;

This stamping method lowers labour efforts, keeps the product’s size, quality and shape stable; it allows produce a high number of products within the shortest time possible thus lowering the product’s net cost and save the metal. The lack of heating makes the production process faster and easier, raising the productive capacity and work conditions.

Our professional team is ready to produce any number and any kind of stamped products from a drawing or a sample item.

We are ready to produce any quantity of stamped parts from a low-quantity to mass production. Specified type of details is produced by die stamping, rolling-out, blanking, bending and punching of metal.