Metalworking is the process of working with metals to create individual parts, assemblies, or large-scale structures.

In the process of metalworking different kinds of modalities are used to change the size and the shape of the metal and give it the specified configuration.
We offer a wide range of metalworking services.

The machining are of our plant includes surface grinder, milling machines, lathe machines and CNC machines that give us the possibility to fulfill the following kinds of works:

– Lathe work:

Lathe works include many types of technological operations: the working of end, conic, cylindrical and profiled surfaces and benches, the cutting-off of the work piece part, the flut sharpening, the hole making in a work piece by boring, drilling, squaring, reaming, rolling, thread cutting.
The lathe works are performed from a drawing or an item sample. All the works are performed at versatile machines in a professional manner thanks to our highly experienced employees and good equipment.

— Milling works:

The milling works are performed from a drawing or an item sample.
The works are performed at versatile milling machines that produce both vertical and horizontal milling, as well as milling at different angles with the use of turn-around machines and dividing heads.

All products undergo strict quality control at all stages of milling works. Technical control of metal milling works guarantees high quality of every metal item.
When working with metal work pieces milling works is the next step after lathe works.

— CNC Metal works:

LLC “MELZ” offers a wide range of metal works performed at computer numerical control machines (CNC).

Our equipment includes:
CNC Lathe machines – 2 items
CNC Lathing machines – 3 items

The use of this type of machines secures the production of complex profile, high quality details of unlimited quantity in the shortest time possible.

The work process is automatized; its quality is controlled is done by a computer, from the work on work piece parameter determination to the qualitative test of an item.

Our plant has a great experience in the production of a wide range of metal items.

We perform all kinds of lathe and milling works at CNC machines. Our highly professional employees and good quality equipment secure the production of mechanical details of high precision and complex profiles.