Limited Liability Company “MELZ” carries on the traditions of high-quality vacuum tubes production of Moscow electro-lamp plant and Zaprudnya vacuum electronic devices plant.

Nowadays the plant has its main focus on the production of:

  • Special and double-purpose cathode-ray tubes (over 60 types);
  • Projection and oscillograph cathode-ray tubes;
  • Parts and components for vacuum electronic devices;
  • Mechanical parts for special purpose wireless devices;

We apply all kinds of techniques at our plant:

  • Metalworks: cutting, stamping, drawing, lathing, milling;
  • Chemical technologies: degreasing, etching, metal covering (nickel-plating, galvanizing, chemical oxidation, anodic oxidation), electropolishing, chemical polishing of stainless steel;

Find out more about the production process here:

LLC “MELZ” has the experience in the following RTD areas:

  • Microfocus low-power X-ray tubes (development prototypes production);
  • Energy-saving light sources on the base of cathodoluminescence with field-emission cathodes (prototype production);

Each year our plant expands its scope of activities.Since the launch of a new business line in 2012 we’ve been able to create all kinds of technical documentation for our partners including technical documentation for information technologies.We work with all kinds of software products, hardware and software systems, automated systems and other IT-solutions.

Our clients:

  • Repair facilities and manufacturers of defense products (over 30 contractors);
  • LLC “MELZ-FEU” (manufacturer of image-converter tubes and photomultiplier tubes).