Industrial production cannot exist without technical documentation. Any machine, software or system is constantly surrounded by documents. Any kind of technical solution cannot be created without design documentation, as well as its application cannot be fulfilled without operating documentation. Full informative and comprehensible technical documentation is vital for any kind of technical process. At the same time, the creation of technical documentation requires special skills and knowledge as well as sufficient labour costs.

Since the launch of a new business line in 2012 we’ve been able to create all kinds of technical documentation for our partners including technical documentation for information technologies.

We work with all kinds of software products, hardware and software systems, automated systems and other IT-solutions.

Main areas of activity:

  • Documentation services.
  • Consulting services on documentation and documents review.
  • Creation of technical documentation on demand.
  • Technical translation.
  • Training on documentation.
  • Open training sessions and seminars.
  • Corporate trainings and seminars.
  • Study guides publication.
  • Research and development on documentation.
  • Development of standards and guidelines for documentation.
  • Spread of knowledge on modern documentation technologies.