Chemical treatment of metals

Nowadays the chemical treatment of metals is in great demand. Our plant performs different types of chemical treatment of metals applying entirely reliable technologies.

Chemical treatment of metals is used in order to:

  • improve the product’s mechanical performance;
  • secure high resistance to corrosion, including resistance to aggressive environment and polar temperature conditions;
  • add specified physical characteristics to the product (magnetic, etc.)
  • improve the product’s appearance;
  • ease mechanical treatment (broaching, cutting, stamping, etc.)

Types of chemical treatment of metals performed by LLC “MELZ”

  • Rumbling (removal of roughness, sharp edges)
  • Degreasing
  • Etching
  • Metal coating:
  • – Nickel plating. It is a technique used to dispose a layer of nickel coating on a metal workpiece. This method of corrosion prevention is used in production of surgical instruments, cars, different types of equipment; it increases the parts durability in the conditions of dry friction.
    – Zinc coating.This technique is one of the most popular chemical metal treatment techniques in the world; it provides great corrosion protection.

  • Chemical oxidation. Aluminum processing, duralumin D16 for further coating or painting.
  • Anodic oxidation (black oxide coating)
  • Electropolishing of stainless steel. Polishing of copper, nickel, stainless steel, covar (29 NK) provides the size of parts with the accuracy of 2 mkm.
  • Chemical polishing of stainless steel. (Polishing of copper, nickel, stainless steel, covar (29 NK);
  • Passivation (the use of a light coat of a protective material onto the metal);

High proficiency and responsibility of MELZ employees guarantees high quality of chemical treatment of metals.