Glass-to-metal seals and bulbs for cathode ray tubes

pl_nA Flat tube is a glass disk with metal bushings sealed in around it. This type of tubes is produced by stamping the softened glass at a special press. It is mainly used in production of special light sources and cathode ray tubes. The most popular type of flat tubes is an exhaust tube

Our plant produces flat tubes for different brands of glass: С93-1, С52-1

We can manufacture bases exactly to any specific configuration you might require. We have highly competitive prices and unrivalled production times, which are facilitated by the fact that we produce all the tooling ourselves. Our plant can fulfil whatever your need; we can create and export anything from small research and development batches for the purposes of new product development all the way up to large production quantities of 25,000 p.a.

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Glass photo_1-1bulbs for cathode ray tubes.
Glass bulbs for cathode ray tubes and TV set kinescopes consist of three parts: a screen, a cone and a tube.
The screen and cone parts are produced by stamping at a rotary press.
Centrifugal casting is mainly used for the production of cones.
In centrifugal casting, a permanent mold is rotated continuously about its axis at high speeds as the glass is poured.
At the same time the hot glass goes up the inner walls of the mold forming a cone. Glass sheet bending is used in production of large scale screens as well as stamping.